The Archive of Alternate Endings

by Lindsey Drager · read October 13, 2019


Stunning and creative, this book is so different from most other books I've read, both in premise and in style. It's comprised of vignettes about pairs of siblings from several of the years that Halley's Comet has visited Earth, spanning centuries and written in beautiful prose. I loved the focus on storytelling and on the relationship between siblings, and I especially liked when seemingly disconnected stories crossed paths or merged as one. My all time favourite part of the book was the chapter "Hansel's Lament" - it reads like a cold starry night in autumn feels. Would definitely recommend!

_ She kissed his wet cheeks and pulled his face away from hers and told him what I am trying to tell you here–that there are two kinds of labyrinths: those you are born into and must escape, and those you choose to enter in search of what lies inside._

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