The Scout Mindset

by Julia Galef · read January 3, 2022


Yet another strong rec from the esteemed Henry! I was probably the target audience for this book — interested in rationality and convinced of its merits but uninformed about specific tools or strategies — and I found it entertaining and practical. Parts 2 and 4, 'Developing Self-Awareness' and 'Changing Your Mind', were the most applicable to me; I especially liked the sections on using thought experiments to detect bias, applying the equivalent bet test to approximate quantitative estimates, and 'leaning into confusion' when faced with 'irrational' behaviour. Most of the anecdotes helped add colour and personality to the writing, but my one petty gripe is that I'm so over reading the same stories about the same billionaires again and again. Otherwise, this was a worthwhile read, and I'm excited to put some of what I've learned into practice!

Our judgment isn't limited by knowledge as much as it's limited by attitude.

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