Lucky Boy

by Shanthi Sekaran · read March 15, 2018


I enjoyed reading this novel. Personally, I liked the stories of Solimar and Kavya more than ethical dilemmas around Ignacio, but it felt well-balanced and raised a lot of questions for me about what it means to have a family. Soli's story in particular was wrenching and well-written.

When reading I noted this quote because it expresses one of the central themes of the novel:

'And those people. Would they have loved you more than I did? Will you wish someday that I had left you with them?' She had many hours to think that day, and a lifetime to revisit her deed, and here's what she would discover: This story, this fight for a boy–it wasn't about the boy. It was about his mothers. It was about a law that grew from the deepest roots of their being.

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