Die With Zero

by Bill Perkins · read June 22, 2023


I've really enjoyed books like Die with Zero and The Psychology of Money because I feel like my technical financial knowledge is in a good place for my age and needs, but my psychology around finance still feels off to me. This book was written for people who have psychological issues spending money, not saving it, which suited me better than many PF books I've read.

Perkins makes the argument that you should be strategic about how you spend money over the course of your life, rather than sacrificing life experiences to accumulate money that you might not need. The philosophical underpinning of this book is that you should aim to maximize the experiences you want in life — which sounds nice, but feels like a truism to me when I think about it.

This book was short, readable, and gave me some interesting ideas to digest about the purpose of my money.

Maximizing your fulfillment from experiences—by planning how you will spend your time and money to achieve the biggest peaks you can with the resources you have—is how you maximize your life.

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