Blog to-dos

Updated April 16, 2022

A list of to-dos I have for this blog:

  • Migrate Gatsby from Remark to MDX (see here)
  • Set up a simple newsletter to notify readers when I post something new (25/06/22)
  • Configure a separate RSS feed for my book updates
  • Submit my site to the NowNowNow page
  • Add a new section called "Snippets" with shorter notes
  • Add a new section called "Recipes" with links to recipes I like (22/05/22)
    • Update the Recipes page to pull from a Notion database
  • Add a new section called "Articles" or something with articles that I've read and my responses to them
  • Roll out my own comment section so that people without GitHub accounts can write comments [maybe]
  • Write a fun, interactive timeline for my "About" page [maybe]
  • Once I have more blog posts:
    • Enable search for my posts
    • Curate my best ones and suggest them on my homepage
  • Find some way to easily represent the "last modified" property for my posts
  • Add a "Projects" page with projects from my GitHub account [maybe]
  • Move my contact information to its own page and add a form for people to reach me
  • Write my own guestbook? [maybe] (see here)
  • Update the "Bookshelf" page with the option to collapse review text so readers can scroll through just the titles
  • Invent some way to designate "evergreen" content (like my blogroll)
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